About the festival

Save the dates! It’s an exciting time - SapfoFest is back on 2-4 August 2019!

Join us for a weekend of vulnerability and pleasure and a dive into multiplicity of stories, voices, and positions of the queer-feminist worlds. This year, we’ll set on the journey of creating a learning, sharing, and appreciative space for all* in the yet undiscovered village of Punia in the Alytus region.

SapfoFest is an independent, non-commercial, community-initiated festival providing a much needed collaborative and grounding environment for building tents and queer-feminist community in Lithuania and beyond since 2012. Featuring critical reflection, debate and community self-care, SapfoFest seeks to mobilise and make visible queer-feminist lives in the pursuit of solidarity, emancipation and social change! With a firm commitment of making the event widely accessible, SapfoFest has been since its beginnings an initiative without participation fees or tickets. At the same time, it is based on DIT principles that keep the event self-sufficient, without any major institutional support. Also, this year, the organisation of the festival relies on “our power” to make the festival happen. SapfoFest 2019 is supported by honest contributions (that go far beyond financial support) of its participants, friends, volunteers and supporters. We are determined to collaborate and work together which is central to the ethic of liberation and empowerment.

Everyone is invited to contribute to the development of the programme and atmosphere of the SapfoFest 2019!

See the call for contributions for more details.